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Slippery Elm Bark Powder

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Top 5 Beneficial Actions of Slippery Elm Bark Powder (SEB)
1. Regulate bowel motions EITHER way!
In the case of constipation, SEB as a source of mucilaginous fibre, attracts water to dry and stubborn fecal matter, bulking it up and softening it so as to make it easy to pass. Part of the process of eliminating bowel motions is the churning and squeezing action of the bowel wall muscle, and when stools are stuck for one reason or another, the stimulation of the activity of the bowel wall muscles is decreased. It’s like there’s a beached whale lying there just waiting for the tide to come in.And where diarrhea is concerned, the loose and watery consistency of fecal matter is plumped up by the same swelling action of the powder, creating solid stools.

2. Prebiotic (nourishing to beneficial gut flora).
SEB is a source of nourishment to beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that live inside the bowel. Probiotics contribute to our health by assisting with the digestion of foods, reducing inflammation and allergic response, contributing to cholesterol excretion and keeping “bad” bacteria in check. See above, when there has been irregularity in bowel motions, one can assume an imbalance of beneficial flora, so taking it for constipation or diarrhea is beneficial in mechanical and biochemical ways.

3. Treatment during allergies, colds and ‘flu.
After a couple of days of sneezing, coughing and wiping away at a runny nose one is left feeling swollen up with a scratchy throat, raw and ouchy nostrils and with difficulty swallowing or even talking. The mucilaginous coating of SEB on inflamed tissues is both soothing and healing. And as per above, it contributes to the recovery of infections by promoting beneficial bacteria and participating in the immune response.

4. Promote tissue healing, internally.
SEB stimulates the mucous secreting cells of the intestines which acts to reduce the pain associated with ulcers, reflux and diseases such as IBS and Chron’s Disease. Meanwhile it promotes the regeneration of intestinal cells, strengthening the integrity of the gut.

5. Promote tissue healing, topically.
Traditionally, in Native America, SEB was used both orally and topically to suppurate (draw out pus and toxins) from flesh wounds as well as promote the healing of skin. Colonial Americans adopted this practice during the Civil War, using SEB poultices on injured soldiers.

All the above is general advice and information, please consult a health professional for information relating to your specific needs.  General information is only provided in this listing.

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