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In The Kitchen

In the Kitchen

The ducklings are all growing well and we have sold some mature Muscovy drakes. We have been processing the muscovy's and they taste delicious and are very tender. Their meat is very dark red meat and as their diet consists of a lot of green grass, they are a healthier source of meat for us. Muscovy's are a great duck for meat as they don't quack or make much noise. They hiss like a deep breath, but don't make any noise that would annoy anyone. They are also a duck that will eat grass over grain or pellets which is great for the money factor when there are so many being raised. 

We have been busy making goats milk soap and are looking forward to making some exciting new flavours. Have you ever been blown away by a fragrance that enlightens you or brings back some awesome memories? let us know, we would love to hear about it!!!

The weekend just gone was unseasonally hot and humid, so for us so on Sunday, we decided to stay inside and open up some of our Mad Millie products. We made fresh Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer and we can't wait to taste it in 1 to 2 weeks time. Hopefully it is like the fresh ginger beer my grandparents use to make. We made fresh goats milk fetta cheese. That was our first time making cheese with our goats milk. It tastes absolutely delicious and we will definitely be making more. The kids love it too! We made cultured butter and it is gorgeous stuff. Lastly we made Greek Yoghurt and it turned out to be very thick in consistency. Overall we were very delighted with our small efforts. The Mad Millie kits make matters very easy for starting in either direction of home making goods. The kits have all utensils and ingredients that you need. User friendly instructions make it easy to use as well. We were impressed. They would make a great present for someone who is hard to buy for. It would be a very rewarding gift idea. Next on our 'To Do List' is to make goats milk Colby. Sounds great doesn't it!!!

In the next few weeks we are hoping to rotary hoe up a paddock and then build up mounds with the blade on the back of the tractor. We are planning on starting a lavender patch. Over the past few months we have been busy propagating and testing different varieties of lavender. Due to our high levels of humidity, some varieties of lavender will not grow well where we live. We think we have narrowed down our choices to a few good options and in the coming blog posts, we will endeavour to share our experiences with you.

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